Digital Signage Software

ICE ds is a highly flexible, convenient and easy to use digital signage software solution.

ICE ds Studio LOGIN (New Interface)


It’s your media and we give you complete control over it. Use HTML, Powerpoint Jpegs, Video, Flash and a wide variety of other media you already have. You can use the editor to manipulate this content or to create great looking new content.

Remote Control
One display or 100, in the same building or the other side of the world, it doesn’t matter! Take full control of your digital sign or digital signs from a single online dashboard. Quickly setup customised campaigns and then quickly and easily publish one to many or many to many.

Screen Configurator
Even with different display types each with differing display resolutions, create screen layouts to perfectly match each display. You can split the screens into single or multiple zones giving you total versatility.
Timeline Control
Simple, flexible and powerful timeline controller allowing you to determine which of your content gets shown, for how long and when.

Download the ICE ds Datasheet